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It is time to buy around Marbella

January 10, 2018

Timing is important in life. In addition to how you do things, it really makes a difference when you do them. I am sure you have plenty of examples from your own life. In terms of buying a property here around Marbella, your timing should be now. Let us explain why.



  • At the moment the property supply is greater than the property demand. There are simply more properties than there are clients. For a buyer this is good because 1) it gives you more choice and 2) the prices remain reasonable. Also, many sellers are willing to negotiate.


  • The economic indicators are in the buyer's favour. The Spanish economy is growing, the unemployment rate is decreasing and there are more and more tourists in Spain every year. As a result, the property market around Marbella is growing and it's a good time to invest.


  • There is a good number of new developments around Marbella now and more to come. The best deals in new developments are made right after they have been launched and you have good options to choose from now. That is, if you want to buy today's standards and qualities.


This is all rational. The emotions only evoke when you see a property. If you are considering buying a property around Marbella and want to see some, please get in touch with us. We are happy to help you.



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